F7 Meeting 2 - 24th March 2022

Community Governance Oversight Meeting #2 - 1600 UTC, Thursday, 24th March 2022


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Allison Fromm


Kenric Nelson


Jo Allum


Matthias Sieber


Phil Khoo


Stephen Whitenstall


Tevo Saks


Vanessa Cardui


Andre Diamond


Miroslav Rajh



Community Governance Oversight (CGO)

F7 Ideascale Proposal - https://cardano.ideascale.com/c/idea/383517

F8 Ideascale Proposal - https://cardano.ideascale.com/c/idea/398225

GitBook - https://quality-assurance-dao.gitbook.io/community-governance-oversight/

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1 Treasury

Andre & Mirolav - updates on Treasury setup, member payments, costs & expenses.

5 minutes

Funds paid for CGO Meeting #1 - Any issues ?

Payments for first 3 meetings. Last 3 meetings paid at end. Surveys can be paid immediately

To be charged against Preparation for a Fund 8 proposal budget :

Allison, Andre, Kenric, Stephen & Vanessa share $500

2 Town Hall Slides

Allison - Updates on Town Hall Slides

5 minutes

3 Fund 8 - CGO Proposal

Stephen - The Fund 8 CGO Proposal has been submitted (https://cardano.ideascale.com/c/idea/398225) and is based on the Fund 7 proposal. 5 minutes

Action : Recruit secretary to support CGO - Allison

4 F7 CGO Scope & Deliverables

All members - Progress under each scope area : 25 minutes

4.1 Challenge Setting

Scope : Including community contributed challenges and the creation and expanding role of challenge teams - Stephen

Deliverables : TBA

4.2 Catalyst Circle problem sensing

Scope : Effectiveness of prioritized problem sensing

Deliverables : Catalyst Circle - “Removal of Circle Representative” process

Oversight of community discussion - Which criteria not met - code of conduct


CCv3 Nomination Criteria


Designing a process to address oversight of CC members - Facilitate process implementation - Petition CGO to address concerns - Allison

Although the meeting did agree that our role should be oversight / documentation not active governing so is complainants petitioning CGO appropriate?

Who are CGO - how do we get here - Phil

Change narrative - there is issue here - no specific person - need for a process for dispute resolution and replacement - Tevo

Facilitating it is questionable - examining process - Vanessa

Two approaches 1) CGO documents - makes transparent / 2) design process and getting involved - Allison

Elected board come from community - Jo

Community discussion to be arranged at next After Town Hall to address deselection process - 30th March 2022 - to be assigned

Provide the platform so that parties can go to mediation on their terms Find a mediator - Matthias

Decision : CGO should not facilitate only attend next ATH - All

Deliverables : How effectively is the prioritized problem board working ? How can CGO survey, assist and report on this ?

To be addressed

4.3 d-Reps

Scope : Oversight of delegated voting innovations

Deliverables : The Survey deliverable will be used for a literature search contrasting “liquid democracy “ and “illiquid plutocracy “. The purpose is to provide measurable definitions for these terms. This would support the research for F8 CGO and provide some context for the interviews conducted within the community. - Kenric

  • Kenric set-up Zotero bibliography with by-invitation Group Libaries: Liquid Democracy, Enterprise Governance, DAO Governance, Centralized Plutocracy

To participate in bibliography contact Kenric - Kenric

Facilitate conversation with IOG teams - Kenric

Deliverables : Keeping track and documenting the ongoing community engagement with the d-Rep issue - Stephen

4.4 Governance parameters

Scope : Modifying the governance parameters in Catalyst via Catalyst Circle and a Technical Council.

Deliverables : This scope area is on hold. Some documentation work may be done. - Allison / Stephen

Actions from last meeting : Chase Harris on scope - Allison, Chase Marek on scope - Tevo

Why on hold ? - Kenric

Only parameters related to fund apportion to roles - Tevo

May not prevent feedback from community - surveys from community - current allocation of treasury apportion - educating community on parameters - Kenric

Miro Board which has funding parameter percents

https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_ljPS0hg=/?moveToWidget=3458764519526918582&cot=10 - Tevo

I think in Survey we also want to involve questions for community for them to suggest more impactful parameters they think there should be - Tevo

Also ask how current allocation “feels” - Tevo

5 Fund 7 Proposal Reporting

Report for 24th March 2022 submitted - 5 minutes

Report for 24th March 2022 submitted - text transcription here - https://quality-assurance-dao.gitbook.io/community-governance-oversight/proposal-reporting/proposal/f7-monthly-reports#24th-march-2022 - Stephen

6 Governance Oversight Outreach

What efforts can we make to reach different language communities ? 5 minutes

Action from previous meeting: Incorporate funding for translation in F8 proposal

Not completed : Forgot to add this to the F8 proposal - we could possibly fund from another resource - Stephen

Action from previous meeting: For F7 budget focus on outreach and preparation for different language communities - unassigned

7 Any Other Business

CGO Project Management and Administration

5 minutes

Action from previous meeting: Alternate a secretary role to take notes at each meeting

Action from previous meeting: Add resourcing for a dedicated secretary to the F8 proposal - Stephen

Completed : Added this Budget line -

D - Project Management & Administration

A project management & administration resource will :

  • Draft & circulate Agendas

  • Prepare Town Hall Slides

  • Record & take notes or summaries of meetings

  • Maintain project documentation

  • Administer the Governance Oversight Discord server

Subtotal : $ 2,000 for 4 months ($ 500 per month)

GitHub Project Board - Training

This project is being managed using he beta feature of GitHub Project Boards. See here - https://github.com/orgs/Catalyst-Auditing/projects/3

Is anyone interested in participating in a training session in the next two weeks ? - Stephen

Over run time

5 minutes

Individual can attend - CGO will not facilitate - document - Vanessa


Next Meeting : 1600 UTC, 7th April 2022


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