F8 Meeting 2 -28th July 2022

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Allison Fromm


Kenric Nelson


Matthias Sieber


Phil Khoo


Stephen Whitenstall


Tevo Saks


Vanessa Cardui


Andre Diamond


Miroslav Rajh



Community Governance Oversight (CGO)

F7 Ideascale Proposal

F8 Ideascale proposal


Proposed Agenda

Action points from previous meetings:

In August 2022 pay reminder of the research budget to Kenric (carry this action point over to next meeting)

Pay Allison $75 for Town Hall Slides X 2 ($150) in July 2022

Pay Stephen W $500 for Project Management for July 2022 (August 2022)

Stephen to do monthly report for July

Publicly-accessible register of parameter changes (raised by Thorsten) - progress on this topic is on this agenda later under “Parameter changes”

Vanessa to document George’s “categories and contributor recurring model” presentation to IOG on 22nd July

1. F8 CGO Treasury

Andre & Miroslav - updates on Treasury setup, member payments, costs & expenses.

Action : pay remaining 5800 USD for research to Kenric

pay Stephen 1000 USD - PM for July and August

pay 150 USD for preparation of 2x Town Hall slides

Deliverables budgeting - All

Treasury GitHub Issues - https://github.com/Catalyst-Auditing/Community-Governance-Oversight-Coordination/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3ATreasury

August 3rd allocation c. $6k dollars - remaining to research - then Stephen PM - then TH Slides

2. Town Hall Slides

Allison - Updates on Town Hall Slides


No slides this week :)

Maybe better to do week before CGO meeting

Action - Allison to do next week

3. CGO Project Board Review



4 F8 CGO Scope & Deliverables

4.1 Challenge Setting

What is the scope of F8 Challenge Setting oversight ?

Issue :


  • Carried over from last meeting: We could add questions to Fund 9 IOG survey? (Phil). Any further thoughts on this?

Someone needs to reach out to IOG - Phil

Action - Phil to contact IOG to add Challenge setting questions to F9 IOG Survey

  • Question - who is working on this deliverable?

  • NB the need to make sure we separate oversight (including the making of recommendations) from actual engagement in work around challenge setting.

Should George be doing oversight or other CGO members participate as well

Should CGO be doing oversight of GPS ? - Vanessa

Do not think so - George

Voting process needs oversight - George

Feedback on Challenge Settings from George - Vanessa

Discussions with George - personal interest - not work - Phil

When we create proposal - allocate some portion to run categorisation challenge - bunch of names behind it - Tevo

At end of F9 we will find out which Challenges are voted for - Phil

George, Phil and Tevo working on this ?

Leave hanging until result of F9 vote - Vanessa

When proposal is close to ready - then will feedback to CGO - George

4.2 Catalyst Circle Oversight

What is the scope of F8 Catalyst Circle Oversight ?

What is the scope of F8 Catalyst Circle Oversight ?

Issue : https://github.com/Catalyst-Auditing/Community-Governance-Oversight-Coordination/issues/89

  • Carried over from last meeting - have we decided that our main foci are

    • Circle compensation

    • CCv4 elections?

    • how the Circle internally is deciding things - their processand responsibilities

  • NB the need to make sure we separate oversight (including the making of recommendations) from actual engagement in the process.

  • Question - who is working on this deliverable?

Main focus of Circle is currently compensation - Kenric

Circle responsibilities - Kenric

Should Circle be doing it themselves ? - Phil

Overlap with QADAO Oversight of CC - report back to CGO - Vanessa

Kenric on CC compensation models ? - Vanessa

Yes - will account for time via CGO - I am engaged in this - Kenric

Basic instinct is to design - pushback is that this is not oversight - but intent is just to present solutions - long term view - intended to lay out important issues - document lays 3 potential processes - Kenric

Catalyst Circle Rewards Planning

Slightly out of scope - but work crossover is fine - Phil

Potential proposal to how to develop a procedure for CC compensation - Kenric

A candidate should propose what they want to contribute and its value - Kenric

When is transition to Decision making process - Phil

Should stay in Oversight - Kenric can give updates - Tevo

Look out for other governance type proposals - Vanessa

Will give feedback from CC working meeting - Kenric

Planning to move to a wider voting process - to date not a secure voting process - Snapbrilla working on solution not ready - dripdropz invited to today's CC meeting - then a possible IOG solution - Kenric

Any discussion on how that decision might be made ? Phil

Right now discussion between CC and IOG - should be a CIP process - Kenric

Why CIP ? - Allison

Not sure - is it parameter change - Kenric

Catalyst Jormnenda process - was onchain so same CIP logic would apply - Tevo

Original CC doc say sit will have oversight - Kenric

CC has been dissolved ? Because working on election - Vanessa

We do have a CC 3.1 - Kenric

issue of precedence - if previous circles have been unelected, it could happen again

meeting with Circle to discuss what our scope will be exactly? We will discuss the content of that in Discord

4.3 d-Reps

In progress - last meeting

dRep White Paper Working Group Meeting Tuesday, 19th July 2022 - 1700 UTC

Issue : https://github.com/Catalyst-Auditing/Community-Governance-Oversight-Coordination/issues/96

  • Carried over from last meeting: 3 authors actively working on drafts. 1 author to confirm - have they done so?

We are planning first draft public - will host ATH next Wednesday to present draft - Kenric

  • Carried over from last meeting - Participating dRep perspective (raised by Tevo) - is this in hand? Any input needed?

  • maybe if C4C proposal is voted, we might

No planning for dRep session - created 1 challenge - Tevo

  • Team will host an ATH on Aug 3 to review draft & recruit reviewers

dRep workshop postponed until August 2022 to prepare voting center - Stephen

4.4 Governance parameters

What is the scope of F8 Governance parameters ?

Issue : https://github.com/Catalyst-Auditing/Community-Governance-Oversight-Coordination/issues/90

Register of Parameters and Google Form - Vanessa


Draft of community register of parameter changes (NB Not yet ready to be made public - comments are invited from this group) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BixYPVfyWSYIRhNK2qaRDwebZk-oCpkxfitE_U2TBL0/edit?usp=sharing

Draft of form to invite community to log parameter changes: https://forms.gle/pAtwKWpbYpjo8Dc97 (NB Not yet ready to be made public - comments are invited from this group)

When shared Google sheet draft version - several things not initiated by IOG - Tevo

store it on community sie as markdown file

Parameter Oversight meeting - 27th July 2022


Key points:

  • Jeremy’s decision-making tree - Stephen has messaged jeremy about it

  • Tevo’s ”official roles and how decentralised they are”

  • Phil - identifying the low-risk, high impact parameters that the community *could* take control of

Action - follow up working meeting: From Tuesday next week - Stephen

Collaborate on parameters with GPS - Allison

Invite GPS to give update on what they are doing - Phil

Should I invite GPS to parameter specific meeting - Allison

Just asking what are they doing and what kind of collaboration they envisage - Vanesa

5 CGO Proposal Reporting

F7 CGO Proposal Reporting

Action - Stephen W to complete for 26th July 2022

F8 CGO Proposal Reporting

Action - Stephen W to complete for 26th July 2022

6 Summary of CGO meeting for Catalyst Weekly Newsletter


Change cadence - this week or next week ?

Better if everyone contributes - Vanessa

Do it biweekly - Tevo

Yes - but it based on timing - Vanessa

Try to write for Friday after - Vanessa

7 Updates on CGO F7 Final Report and Slide Presentation

In progress. Contributions added to final report draft

Slides being drafted

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