Swarm session on dRep Whitepaper

Swarm session on Oct 8th 2022

Catalyst Swarm Session on October 8th with co-creators of the dRep whitepaper which was released by CGO (Community Governance Oversight) on 4th October 2022. Thorsten Pottebaum & Aharon Porath present the whitepaper and answer questions from community members. Whitepaper: https://t.co/pdFUAK3E82 See also https://twitter.com/qa_dao/status/157... This initiative was part of a F8 funded proposal, and enabled a first example of community-led whitepaper creation for specific topics in Catalyst governance. Collaborators on the whitepaper: QA DAO - https://quality-assurance-dao.github.io/ CGO - https://quality-assurance-dao.gitbook... Photrek - https://photrek.world/ Consenz - https://www.lidonation.com/fr/project... Wolfram Blockchain Labs - https://www.wolframblockchainlabs.com/

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