F8 Meeting 4 -22nd September 2022

Fund 8 Community Governance Oversight proposal meeting 4 - 22nd September 2022, 1400 UTC


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Allison Fromm


Kenric Nelson


Matthias Sieber


Phil Khoo


Thorsten Pottebaum


Tevo Saks


Vanessa Cardui


Andre Diamond


Miroslav Rajh


Stephen Whitenstall






Community Governance Oversight (CGO) Proposals


1 - Action points from previous meetings:

New documentation process - has been discussed in Discord, so checking - are there any objections? - no objections

Adding something to F9 IOG survey (Phil) - is this in progress? Any updates? - not happening

We should have received final F7 payment last week - did we? - and we agreed to pilot Phil’s community redistribution model for the “deliverables” portion of that - updates? how do we initiate that? - have side meeting to discuss further - Phil K

Vanessa was supposed to share the Parameters reporting google form in Discord - didn’t, sorry - it’s here https://forms.gle/EtxhcmnJUv7nP1KB9 and is on agenda

We said 2 meetings ago that we would follow up with Harris after F7 parameter changes meeting. Haven’t yet. It’s on agenda.

Payment for writing F10 proposal

In last meeting there was some confusion over payment for writing future CGO proposal. List of outstanding items said “payment for writing F9 proposal” and ofc there isn’t an F9 proposal, but I believe it should have said “payment for writing F10 proposal”. Correct?Are we planning to submit something for F10 if there’s a suitable challenge? If yes, we can keep it on agenda and in budget plan.

Yes - allocate to F10 CGO proposal and discuss async

2 - CGO Treasury

Andre & Miroslav - after what has been paid, what is left?.

Last meeting we said we’ll receive $ 6860 on Mon; will pay all TH slides and project management, and pay Treasury management in full. Yes received and paid

Items left to pay for CGO 8 should therefore be: (Reports, Retros, Surveys) = “Deliverables”; Prep of F10 proposal (agreed); closing report.

F7 proposal final payment - deliverables, close out report and project management are still to be paid? (Treasury management?)

Action - No objections to paying Treasury $1000 - PM $2000 from F7 and remainder to be distributed using Phil K's system

3 - Town Hall Slides

Allison - Updates on Town Hall Slides


Note - Suggestion last meeting was to use CGO TH slides and newsletter to help inform people about CCv4 election as soon as we know details.

Action - Next slides - advertise dRep white paper - Wednesday 5th October 2022

4 - F8 CGO Scope & Deliverables

4.1 - Challenge Setting

What is the scope of F8 Challenge Setting oversight ?

  • George Lovegrove's meeting with Kriss Baird postponed until Friday, 23rd September 2022. Updates to follow.

  • We planned to decide details of this deliverable after George’s meeting with Kriss.

  • What has the community understanding and debate been?

  • Intent (what people thought the intent was) vs what was achieved- this is for an F10 CGO proposal really tho, cos we won’t know until after end of this proposal’s work

  • Recent after town hall

  • 1:07 - Talks about categorisation

  • 1:23 - Kriss talks about issues with challenge settings & initial thoughts for next steps

How are decisions being made in respect of Challenge Setting (eg whether to reform etc) in the abscence of a vote ? - Stephen W

Suggest aiming for a summary of the issues we have discussed to date on how any changes are to be made to Challenge Setting. Via a vote, IOG approval etc. And try to identify what the intent of any changes should be - so this can be tested. This summary would then form part of the F8 CGO final report or be a retrospective where further input is invited from the community - Stephen W

4.2 Catalyst Circle Oversight

What is the scope of F8 Catalyst Circle Oversight ?

Circle payment via parameter change

Issue raised in a recent CCv3 meeting- if Circle are paid via a parameter change, they will need to log what they do. Felix has approached CGO for any input we might have on how this could be done. Is this in scope for CGO’s oversight of Circle? If yes, do we have capacity?

CGO has limited capacity so probably not.

Is it something CGO should do?

We could look at what they propose rather than trying to steer it.

We should liaise with CC Admin as was (Governance Services Guild) - we don’t want to step on their toes

if they need help to have oversight we could advise them with the knowledge we have.

Looking at whether they are following their plan or not. We (CGO) should oversee; CC Admin should design and plan. If we have oversight, we cannot be the ones who design the process. - Thorsten

We should be looking at “how do we make decisions". Decision making models. - Phil

Is Circle currently following the spirit of the Voltaire principles. What is Circle trying to achieved ?

Continuing legitimacy issue that Circle has decided to verify its own process

We shouldn’t get involved - Matthias - Working group is OK but they’re not legitimate as Circle - doing oversight for them gives them legitimacy

Should our Circle oversight for F8 include writing up the issues that we think have been problematic regarding legitimacy ?

Circle election process

Action - How will we maintain oversight of the election process and results - what data will we collect?

Action - Who will gather oversight info on how the election was designed and structured? (Vani has some, via Circle oversight)

Circle and parameter changes

Action - What is the overlap between Circle oversight and “parameter changes”?

4.3 - d-Reps

Quick update from Kenric/Thorsten/Stephen

Planned dRep White Paper Release timeline

20th September 2022 to 4th October 2022 (at the latest)

Kenric and Stephen W have final edit access for a "sanity check" - ongoing

Friday, 23rd September 2022

Project Catalyst Weekly Newsletter will trail / advertise release of White Paper - Stephen W to contact Kriss Baird [Cancelled]

Tuesday, 4th October 2022

A final release meeting will be held and the White Paper released directly afterwards. - All This will also draw attention to an ATH on the 5th October 2022 Paper released on social media channels - Stephen W & Thorsten

Wednesday 5th October 2022

Catalyst After Town Hall -A discussion of the dRep White Paper Thorsten to arrange

Saturday, 8th October 2022

Swarm session -A discussion of the dRep White Paper Thorsten to arrange

Any other Venues ?

Please take advantage of any other venues to discuss or communicate the White Paper.

During dRep implementation

As the first iteration of dRep is implemented the resources in the dRep White Paper will be highlighted on social media channels as appropriate. All to participate where appropriate.


Set a stage of educating to understand dReps and open up more discussion for further details and experiments

Action - Ask IOG to notify dReps

Action - Thorsten to book Gimbalabs playground session

Action - Take to Africa Town Hall and/or ETH as well - Thorsten / Stephen

Action - Submit an Oversight challenge for F11?

Action - F10 - dRep Oversight proposal - aimed at accountability

Action - F10 - dRep White Paper continuation - in CGO F10 or separate proposal

4.4 - Governance parameters

What is the scope of F8 Governance parameters ?

Issue : https://github.com/Catalyst-Auditing/Community-Governance-Oversight-Coordination/issues/90

Parameter changes register

Can we launch it? Via this form? Yes https://forms.gle/EtxhcmnJUv7nP1KB9

And shall we share the spreadsheet (view only) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BixYPVfyWSYIRhNK2qaRDwebZk-oCpkxfitE_U2TBL0/edit?usp=sharing until such time as we have a platform? Show this later - following week

Quick update from Andre/Phil on the platform they are developing

Next steps

Can we agree which of these we will do, prioritize, and say who will do them?

  • Selecting which parameters to focus on?

  • Researching any details of the selected parameters that we still do not know?

  • Following up with Harris after the F7 meeting on details of IOG’s current process?

  • Defining broad categories of parameters?

  • Suggesting a process that IOG or anyone else should follow to launch a parameter change?

  • Suggesting how to determine what is sufficient community consultation?

  • Decision-making tree (is decision urgent, etc) using info from Jeremy’s Miro https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVOsELu0U=/ - to categorize parameters

5 - CGO Proposal Reporting

F7 CGO Proposal Reporting

- can we take this standing item off the agenda now F7 is complete? https://github.com/Catalyst-Auditing/Community-Governance-Oversight-Coordination/issues/91

Yes - Stephen W

F8 CGO Proposal Reporting

6 - F10 proposal?

If we are doing one, who will work on it? Convene a side meeting once we know voting results and what challenges there are?

Action Item - Draft a F10 CGO proposal

7 - Summary of CGO meeting for Catalyst Weekly Newsletter

Danny’s away for a couple of weeks so there will not be a newsletter. So Kriss Bard is not stepping up ? ;)

8 - AOB?

There was a discussion on whether to divert part of budget (of either F7 or F8) for continued meetings after end of F8. Inconclusive.

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