Release Meeting - 4th October 2022


Kenric Nelson

Steph Macurdy

Stephen Whitenstall

Thorsten Pottebaum

adanamics (linktree)


Philip Lazos

Aharon Porath



Community Governance Oversight Group

Meeting GitHub Task

(Used for Project Management tracking and reporting)


Brief Updates/Notices from each participant - All

Rebrand of Photrek by WADA - Kenric

Bumping around F9 onboarding - Steph

dApps Challenge team - Thorsten

Research Budget - Kenric Nelson

No updates

Research Project Planning - Stephen Whitenstall

CGO Monthly Report due - 24th September 2022


Please prepare Detailed Outline / final drafts of your section for the next meeting - All

Public Release of White Paper

Meeting - Tuesday, 4th October 2022 - final release meeting - All

Link to White Paper - showcase ATH

Social Media launch on the Tuesday

After Town Hall - Wednesday 5th October 2022 - Thorsten to arrange

Swarm session, Saturday, 8th October 2022 - Thorsten to arrange

Other Venues ?

Invitations to discuss - Twitterspaces, Lidonation, Rhys, YouTube

Observe dRep implementation and highlight White paper as a resource

Close out of F8 meeting

Lessons learnt - end of proposal report

CGO F8 - close out meeting - from 14th November 2022

F10 proposals

Stephs section has original data that could be evolved in proposal - Kenric

Get into a scientific journal ? - Kenric

Delivering value to community - deeper results immediately - Steph

Making tools available to community - Kenric

Products & Integrations challenge ?

Team effort - Steph

Power index - dripdropz - 1 ADA / 1 Vote - Catalyst Circle Reps - Thorsten

Be flexible in scope of F10 proposal top include non-dRep governance analysis - Stephen

Analysis is difficult - data is important - transparency double edged - makes voting less secure - Kenric

F10 dRep Oversight proposal - low budget - Thorsten, Stephen, CGO - now more than 20k

Tuesday 1st November 1800 UTC - F10 proposal meeting

F10 proposal meeting - Schedule date and share Google doc proposal - Stephen W

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