Governance parameters


The intent of the Fund 7 Community Governance Overisght proposal is to provide community oversight of improvements to and innovations in Catalyst Governance by collecting feedback and providing tracking, documentation and analysis of any proposed changes.

This was originally motivated by the Catalyst Parameters Pilot. See extract from the Fund 7 proposal below -

IOG have announced a Catalyst Parameters Pilot with the goal to decentralise the current governance process in respect of parameter changes to Project Catalyst.

See Harris Warren's presentation on Catalyst Parameters governance process at Catalyst Circle V2 Meeting #2 -

The strategy is to iterate a parameter change process between Catalyst Circle, a Catalyst Technical Council and the wider community.

Success criteria

The success criteria for the Catalyst Parameter Pilot were presented by Dor Gorbash on 8th December 2021 at Fund 7 Town Hall #5.

These were presented as the Voltaire Principles & Catalyst Parameters -

Parameter Pilot Slides

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