Oversight workshop on parameters

Oversight workshop on parameters. 25th April 2022

Oversight workshop on parameters

Monday, 25th April 2022. 1100 UTC

Tevo Saks - CCv2 Toolmakers Rep

Stephen Whitenstall - CCv2 Funded Proposer Rep

Miro Board


This meeting sought to clarify the questions -

  • What is a parameter change ?

  • What is a parameter ?

  • Who decides this ?

This task was assigned to Tevo Saks & Stephen Whitenstall by Community Governance Oversight Meeting 4.

What is a parameter ?

A necessary process or change.

There will be quantitatively and qualitative parameters.

In terms of what must be documented, sufficient information should be available on current / expected state and who owns the change.

  • Who "owns" the parameter?

  • Scope of change - what is being changed (includes current state and expected state)

  • Why this parameter is set in place? (How does it benefit the Cardano Mission?)

  • How is the parameter effectiveness measured?

Operational Parameters

Examples - minimum pool cost, increasing block size.

What types of parameter are there ?

Fixed values

discrete, particular, atomistic. A change to a fixed value or constant.

Change to a process

Change to rules of how to conduct a process. Either a new or current process / parameter.

Example - vCA has to submit Quality Control assessments trough Google Form using Google Sheet link.

Consequence of changing the parameter

  • Low impact - change to a fault tolerant process

  • High impact - change to a fragile process

  • Low Auditability - Lack of information and about the project and how the goals are achieved

  • High Auditability - we have better view how the proposal will be completed

What is a parameter change?

A parameter change is a change from a current state to a new state with a process of consultation.

Who decides ?

Stakeholders who will be impacted by the parameter change. Anyone who controls the Intellectual Property.

A decision process is defined for the parameter that assigns ownership & identfies its scope.


  • A specific parameter is identified.

  • Temporary ownership of the parameter is assigned to a decision making body.

  • The change is voted on.

How to make decisions in quorum?

See Cardano Treasury with Kevin Hammond

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