F8 - On-Boarding

General Project Information

What is your project title as it appears on Ideascale? *

Community Governance Oversight


What is the primary Ideascale username that published the proposal? *


Please, provide ONE sentence description of your project that best characterizes its purpose and intent. *

Provide community oversight of Catalyst governance processes.

Which of the following categories does your project cater to? You can choose more than one category. *

Community & Social Governmental

Who are the end users of your project? *

Please, try to be more specific than just 'everyone.' E.g. governments, enterprises, etc.

Catalyst Community, users of governance

How would you describe your activity?

Community - providing community services and solutions to grow the Catalyst/Cardano community

How large is your community (social or otherwise)? Here we are really interested to know the number of people who already follow your work (this can be an educated estimate)


How many members does your team have today?

5 - 10

What is your current planned implementation/delivery date?

1st September 2022

Which challenge were you successful in?

Improve and Grow Auditability: $200,000

Were you previously successful in any of the past funding rounds? Like Fund1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7?

Fund5, 6 & 7



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