F7 Meeting 1 - 10th March 2022

Community Governance Oversight Meeting #1 - Thursday, 10th March 2022 at 1600 UTC

F7 Community Governance Oversight Meeting #1



Allison Fromm

Jo Allum

Kenric Nelson

Matthias Sieber

Phil Khoo

Stephen Whitenstall

Tevo Saks

Vanessa Cardui

Andre Diamond

Miroslav Rajh


Updates & Announcements

From Oversight members



Proposal funds

Handover wallet addresses

Update Discord

Document process - Andre / Miro


Alternate a secretary role to take notes at each meeting

Survey Design

Assignment & commitment to the Survey deliverable. How to design a survey that fits the parameter change process.

For info, here is the fund 7 “Community Governance Oversight” proposal that funds this https://cardano.ideascale.com/c/idea/383517

Interested in reports - Allison

Scope of proposal - Kenric

We know how process works (we could use this knowledge to ask community which parameter changes they would like to change) - Tevo

Commitments - Tevo, Vanessa, Jo

What distinction between internal and external surveys - Phil

Why no engagement - Jo

How do we get IOG involvement related to parameter changes?

Nudging community - do not need to get involved - Phil

Not convinced we need IOG - Vanessa

Scope of Governance Oversight

What should be the scope of Community Governance Oversight ?

Could we survey the community on their opinion on the way dreps were introduced to the community? – Jo

Fund 7

Fund 8

Oversight of dReps

Oversight of Catalyst Parameter Changes

Oversight of Circle Problem Sensing

Oversight of Challenge Setting


Chase Harris on scope - Allison

Chase Marek on scope - Tevo

Fund 8 Proposal

A Fund 8 Proposal has been submitted in the F8: Improve and Grow Auditability Challenge :


Add resourcing for a dedicated secretary to the prop

Meeting Times

What flexibility do we have in meeting times ?

Current Meeting time of 1600 UTC is OK

Governance Oversight Outreach

What efforts can we make to reach different language communities ?

Incorporate funding for translation in F8 proposal

For F7 budget focus on outreach and preparation for different language communities

Any Other Business


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