Meeting - 6th September 2022

Tuesday, 6th September 2022 - 1800 UTC


Kenric Nelson

Steph Macurdy

Stephen Whitenstall

Aharon Porath


Community Reviewers

At meeting

Andrii Volostyn

Community Review


Dr A. Fisher

Community Review

Bruno Valverde

Community Review


Community Review

Nori Nishigaya

Community Review

Simon Sailstrom

Community Review

Harry Hellyer

Community Review

Jack Briggs

Community Review

Chris Keller

Community Review


Philip Lazos

Thorsten Pottebaum

adanamics (linktree)


Community Governance Oversight Group

Meeting GitHub Task

(Used for Project Management tracking and reporting)

Brief Updates/Notices from each participant - All

Research Budget - Kenric Nelson

Any Budget updates or issues ?

Rewards for contributors who reviewed

Sent out email to confirm share of rewards

Research Project Planning - Stephen Whitenstall

Any updates on Project Plan timetable and deliverables


1) Make sure that reviewers' comments have been addressed.

  • Reviewed today

2) Review list of reviewers and planned rewards for the participants.

  • In progress

3) Clarify deadlines for any sections that remain incomplete.

  • Steph - Monday 12th September 2022

  • Aharon - Thursday 15th September 2022

  • Editor complete work - 20th September 2022

4) Review with the authors how to use Zotero to insert citations into the paper

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