Workshop 1 - What it means to be a dRep

What it means to be a dRep, the design of Catalyst's refined version of Liquid Democracy, and the safeguarding parameters in place.

Documented by Vanessa Cardui & Stephen Whitenstall of QADAO. Funded by Catalyst Proposal QA-DAO Transcription Service


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Session A

Thursday, June 2nd 2022, 0900 UTC


Jack Briggs - IOG

Roman Oliyinkov - IOG

Philip Lazos - IOG

Presentation (Session A)

0:55 Welcome 2:40 Agenda 3:40 Forthcoming workshops, and documentation 5:13 What is liquid democracy? 8:24 Why delegation and dReps? 11:54 The dRep role – how it works 12:36 The formal registration process to become a dRep 13:07 Expectations for being a dRep – being a community leader 13:45 Expectations for being a dRep – transparency 14:28 Expectations for being a dRep – minimum asks 15:06 dRep rewards 17:26 Safeguarding 19:08 Changes to direct voting - improving outcomes 19:49 Changes to direct voting - minimum asks 20:34 Changes to direct voting – rewards 21:20 Recap/summary

Questions (Session A)

22:58 As a voter who is happy to vote on many proposals, is there a disadvantage to me if I delegate to a dRep, in terms of maximising voter rewards? Answer: On average, direct voters vote for fewer than 15 proposals. So a minimum requirement of 30 proposals aims to drive up participation. But for direct voters who habitually vote for 30 or more proposals, it's exactly the same as the current voting reward, or the reward you would get by delegating. But if somebody only wants to vote on 10 proposals, it's probably more beneficial to find a dRep that agrees on these 10 proposals and delegate to them; because the whole point of the dRep is to increase information available to the mechanism.

27:27 Can dReps also be proposers? Answer: Yes; although they would have to declare it and be transparent about it.

28:23 Are voting rewards paid per proposal? Answer: Yes; it will be the same as the current mechanism.

30:12 Can dReps vote for their own proposals? Answer: No - it's a conflict of interest. [Documenter's note: but see further discussion of this issue at 42:50]

30:31 Are CA and VCA roles affected by the dRep mechanism? Answer: Not at all. In fact, their role is ever more important within the Catalyst ecosystem. (And they are now called Proposal Assessors and Veteran Proposal Assessors!)

31:07 How do we ensure that dReps vote for the right proposals? What is the “right” proposal? Answer: A dRep's official bio will declare their expertise and interests, so voters will delegate to them on that basis. Also, dReps have to give a public rationale for every vote, working to a template. So you can be upfront about your interests and motivations, and if your delegator is not happy with the way you voted, they can deselect you for the following funding round. But every dRep will be different, and there is no "right" way to vote - we want a diverse ecosystem.

35:46 Will big teams with big marketing budgets have a centralising advantage in getting dReps to support them? Answer: Maybe, yes - just as it is now. But as a dRep part of your role is to see through that, and to judge each proposal on its own merits.

36:43 Code of ethics for dReps, if dReps are being rolled out for Fund 9? Answer: We want this first cohort to be part of shaping that, similar to how we have been working on the code of conduct for Circle. We are committed to having a code of conduct in place before dReps are rolled out - but note that dReps might not be implemented in fund 9, it might be fund 10.

39:43 What will be the main communication channel for dReps themselves? Answer: the dRep channel in Project Catalyst Discord.

41:08 Can a dRep also have their own personal vote with their own wallet? Answer: No; you would have to do your own personal vote from a different wallet.

42:50 Representation and diversity – if a dRep is involved in a minority community and in writing proposals from that community, shouldn’t they be able to also vote on those proposals as a dRep, if their community wants that and trusts them, and they are transparent about it? Answer: (Jack): The rationale originally was that we don't want dReps with a lot of voting power to vote on their own projects so they can get paid a lot of money. But in the use case you describe, it might be OK as long as it is open and transparent. (Philip): Given that there is an upper limit on the voting power of each dRep, then as long as we feel that there is no deception going on, I think it should be fine to allow for this. (Jack): Thanks for raising the question; we'll talk further about it at IO and come back with some direction on it. (Chat): Some interesting comments in the Chat about this issue.

49:39 Who will decide who will become a dRep in later Funds? Answer: No one! The dRep registration will be permanently ope, and no one will choose centrally who becomes a dRep; the vote delegators will decide, based on their voting power as individuals.

50:46 Can you be a dRep and also be on Catalyst Circle at the same time? Answer: Yes; in fact, we will likely have a dRep representative on the Circle. Similar to other questions about multiple roles, there is no issue as long as it is transparent.

51:37 If you have a minimum number of proposals a dRep must vote on, won't dReps only do the bare minimum required? Answer: (Roman) Voters will select the best-performing dReps, so there is an incentive to vote on more than 60 proposals to attract more delegation. We have set the threshold quite low because we want dReps to write a full rationale for each vote they make. (Kriss): We have to pick a strating point; but it's a learning opportunity, and if, by consensus of the dReps, we conclude that 60 is too low, it could be changed in the next iteration. We need to be guided by the contribution and the participation of the first cohort of dReps to get to that position of knowledge.

57:35 How is the maximum 1% of voting power calculated? When you say 1%, that's 1% of the total, however many people have delegated, right? Answer: That's right.

58:11 Will there be a central location for information about dReps? Answer: We will have a new voting and registration centre that will have the list of dReps, their bios, and eventually the history of how they have voted. There will also be a dRep portal.

Appendix (Session A)

Intelligent Verbatim transcript - session A

Session A Chat

Session B

Thursday, June 2nd 2022, 1700 UTC

Jack Briggs - IOG

Roman Oliyinkov - IOG

Philip Lazos - IOG

Harris Warren - IOG

Presentation (Session B)


Jack Briggs


Welcome to another experiment




Workshops & Documentation


What is Liquid Democracy ?

Roman Oliyinkov


Why Delegation and dReps

Philip Lazos


The dRep Role

Jack Briggs


dRep - the expectations


dRep rewards




Direct voting - changes


Why Liquid democracy ?


Questions & Answers (Session B)

Questions & Answers - 22:50

Engagement & awareness

Only 20% vote - Felix - 23:20

Broader Awareness Campaign - Jack Briggs - 24:13

We have a broader awareness campaign that we will be rolling out.

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest - George - 24:43

Transparency of a dRep being an author of proposal - Jack Briggs - 25:26

dRep registration expiry date

dRep registration expiry date - Sebastian - 26:44

Registration will not expire & be open about conflicts of interest - Jack Briggs - 27:09

Can groups sign up as dReps ?

Can groups sign up as dReps ? & Is quadratic voting on the cards ? - Nori - 28:15

Wallet is actually registered - up to dRep how to share this - Harris Warren - 28:52

Is quadratic voting on the cards ?

Quadratic voting would need to link to IDs - Philip Lazos - 30:04

What happens to voter rewards delegation goes above 1% ?

What happens to voter rewards delegation goes above 1% - & can a group submit as dRep - 31:13

Reward is shared among all stakeholders who delegated to dRep - Roman - 32:10

How easy can this be seen on the voting center ? - Jack Briggs - 33:19

Would be shown on the interface - enough to be informed about over delegation - Harris Warren - 33:30

How many people have registered as dReps ?

How many people registered as dReps & validating vote choices- Dayna - 35:08

Voting center will have complete list dReps - Jack Briggs - 35:57

No limit to perform CA & dRep roles - dRep voting history will be public - Harris - 36:11

What work will required to explain voting choices ?

What work will required to explain voting choices - Dayna - 36:47

Total no of dReps expressing interest was 220 - Jack Briggs - 37:24

Voting rationale will be a min character count - 1 or 2 sentences - Jack Briggs - 37:58

Difference between CA & dReps - dReps should consider Cardano dev strategy - Roman - 38:23

How to assist dReps competence in knowledge ?

How to assist dReps competence in knowledge of dev environment ? - Richard - 40:19

Registration process will include bio, interests and motivations - Jack Briggs - 41:14

Creating a professional class - providing guidance & templates to achieve consistency - Jack Briggs - 41:47

How to contribute experience to build these tools ? - Richard - 42:18

Input is welcome. On discord at the moment - potential Circle rep - Jack Briggs - 42:38

Percentage share of voting delegations

Percentage share of voting delegations - priority of voting - George - 43:18

Either you vote yourself or delegate 100 % of vote - in future possible allocation of voting event types - Harris Warren - 44:20

Mainly a record of a certificate written to main net - CIP 36 (registration transaction) - Harris Warren - 45:42

CIP 36 - Catalyst/Voltaire Registration Transaction Metadata Format -

Transfer of full voting power would be ultimate solution & implementing a rule set - George - 46:22

We do have an initial set of tags - so you can filter by dRep domain knowledge - Harris Warren - 47:32

What is selection criteria for dReps ?

What is selection criteria for dReps ? - Ninh - 49:12

Open to anyone who has voted previously - requires delegators to stake to you - & proof of life - Jack Briggs - 49:36

That rule reduced the no from 220 to 150 dReps ? - Ninh - 50:09

Yes - Jack Briggs - 50:17

The bar to Quadratic voting

The bar to have Quadratic voting is to have KYC for Wallets (to prevent sybil attacks) - Ninh - 51:10

Quadratic sybil resistance Not aware of any high quality research done in prevention of those attacks - Getting benefits of partially doing KYC is something we are pursuing - Philip Lazos - 51:42

Will data be available publicly ?

Interfaces & UI - will data be available publicly ? - with an open API - Darlington - 52:34

All interface powered by APIs and will be available openly - Some private GDPR data - Harris Warren - 53:10

Is API lagging behind the UI ? - Darlington - 53:51

Entire UI is powered by API - Entire data will be available on day 1 - Harris Warren - 54:00

Wallet voting history

Wallet voting history - new wallet for dRep - previous voting history revealed ? - CA Wallet ? - Zoe - 54:15

dRep wallet can be new - proof of life can validate voting history with previous wallet address - Jack Briggs - 54:46

You will select a wallet that will become public - voting rewards indicate activity - data shared only going forward - Harris Warren - 55:08

Does dRep wallet need to contain 500 ADA ?

Does dRep wallet need to contain 500 ADA ? Zoe - 56:43

Yes - Harris Warren - 56:53

Can dReps be pseudonymous ?

Can dReps be pseudonymous ? - Can dReps delegate to other dReps ? - Nori - 57:00

Not doing KYCs - so pseudonym possible - communications require an email - Harris Warren - 57:26

Can dReps delegate to other dReps ?

At MVP we will not be able to delegate dRep to dRep - Jack Briggs - 58:22

Is open discourse possible ?

Is the expectation that dReps will make siloed decisions or is open discourse possible ? - 59:16

We would encourage collaboration and open discourse - Jack Briggs - 59:34

Do people delegating to dReps get voting rewards ?

Do people delegating to dReps get voting rewards ? - If dRep fails to reach 60/20 threshold does that mean they lose those rewards ? - Sebastian - 1:00:13

Voter rewards are paid if you delegate your votes - Jack Briggs - 1:00:30

If you delegate you will get your rewards - no requirement for MVP - reward will only depend on whether dRep was over- delegated - Roman - 1:00:40

Voters are not impacted - it is the dRep who will not be rewarded - Jack Briggs - 1:01:26

How was the $3060 reward level calculated ?

Where is 459 k coming from ? (3060 X 150) - Tommy - 1:01:39

It is taken from a % of Fund 8 voter rewards - Jack Briggs - 1:02:12

Is it randomized who votes for you ?

Is it randomized who votes for you ? - Tommy - 1:02:26

No. There is only random sorting of dReps on the Voter center UI. The list of dReps will be randomnised. Jack Briggs - 1:02:37

Can we search dRep data ?

Can we search ? - Tommy - 1:02:53

You can search by name and by tags - Jack Briggs - 1:02:55

Fund 9 dRep improvement Challenge

Fund 9 - dRep improvement and onboarding Challenge

Fund 9 dRep improvement Challenge - if someone suggests something ludicrous will it take effect ? - Tommy - 1:03:03

That is a very open question - Jack Briggs - 1:03:16

If its ludicrous and voted in we love ludicrous - Harris Warren - 1:03:52

Passive voter pay off

Passive voter pay off - Tommy - 1:04:20

You mentioned earler that the pay off works in favour of passive voters to delegate because minimum is 60 for dReps and 30 for the voters - what did you mean by that ?

Passive voter can be defined in various ways. From new voter who decides to delegate to a dRep because of lack of knowledge - you will get at least voter rewards of 60 - Jack Briggs - 1:04:32

For now you need to delegate and you will get your rewards - Roman - 1:05:30

For clarity if you are an active voter you are voting yourself, if you are a passive voter you would be delegating your vote to dReps - Harris Warren - 1:06:14

Is there a list of Discord names of dReps ?

Is there a list of Discord names dReps ? - Tevo - 1:06:40

In respect of dReps fulfilling a specific role. Will there be surveys ?

I will help you with that offline and we can make a plan - Jack Briggs

dRep FAQ

We will be building a dRep FAQ and have a dRep portal - Jack Briggs - 1:07:42

Appendix (Session B)

Intelligent Verbatim transcript - session B

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Session B Chat

pageChat Session B

CIP 36 - Catalyst/Voltaire Registration Transaction Metadata Format

Fund 9 - dRep improvement and onboarding Challenge

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