Meeting #17, 27th October 2022

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Minutes of Catalyst Circle v3 Meeting #17

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Abbreviations used/glossary

ATH – After Townhall, the breakout rooms after the regular Wednesday TownHall meeting

CATH – Catalyst Africa Town Hall

Catalyst School

CC – Catalyst Circle

CFCardano Foundation

CGO - Community Governance Oversight, a F7 and F8 funded proposal that has created a team to discuss and provide oversight of key Catalyst governance processes

CIP – Cardano Improvement Proposal

CTC - Catalyst Technical Council, a proposed body that will be appointed by IOG to be involved in bicameral governance alongside the Catalyst community.

dRep – delegation representative, a new role that will be introduced for Fund 10; people to whom a voter will be able to delegate their voting power. See the registration form

DIDsDecentralised identifiers

ETHEastern Town Hall

Gimbalabs -

GPS or Catalyst GPS – an F8 Catalyst funded proposal led by current Circle member Tomi which seeks to reorganise Catalyst.

IOGInput/Output Global

LatAm – the Catalyst community in Latin America. Comprises a regular Town Hall and several other community initiatives.

NFTnon-fungible token

PA - Proposal Assessor, a role open to anyone in Catalyst, to assess proposals in each funding round (previously called CA, Community Advisor).

QA-DAOQuality Assurance Distributed Autonomous Organisation

SPO – stakepool operator

VPA - Veteran Proposal Assessor; a role open to those who have been a PA in previous rounds, which assesses the PAs’ reviews (previously VCA, Veteran Community Advisor).

Voltaire – the next phase on the Cardano roadmap to decentralisation

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