Working meeting, 28th July 2022

Meeting recording

Present (in order of first speaking)

Peter Wolcott (facilitator); Quasar (ADA Holders subcircle member); Rhys Morgan (stakepool operators); Kriss Baird (IOG); Steve Lockhart (standing in for Mercy, Funded Proposers); Kenric Nelson (presenting suggestions on determining Circle members’ rewards); Lloyd (DripDropz; invited by Felix); Felix Weber (representing CF); Kyle (DripDropz; invited by Felix); Latheesan (DripDropz; invited by Felix); Dagwell [unknown]; Rares (New Mindflow).

Speaker percentages

Kriss (17%), Kyle (14%), Rhys (13%), Kenric (11%), Quasar (10%), Latheesan (9%), Felix (8%), Steve (6%), Lloyd (5%), Peter (3%), Rares (2%), Dagwell (1%)

Key issues discussed

  • Which voting tool is easier to use?
  • Is the democratic principle of voter anonymity important (not possible with DripDropz)? Or is it more important to know who voted for who, and to be able to analyse the voting results (not possible with Catalyst app)?
  • Is it important to use something built by the community?
  • Should voting be restricted – e.g. to those who have previously voted in Catalyst? Or by a threshold, e.g. possession of a token, or X amount of ADA? Or open to all?
  • How should people register to vote?
  • Determining voting power - “one ADA, one vote” or “one wallet, one vote”, or something else?
  • What should a voting power snapshot be of – amount of ADA, possession of a token, or something else?
  • When should any snapshot be taken? Should it be “silent” (nobody knows it’s been done until afterwards), or advertised, so people can load their wallets in advance?
  • Gaming the system – which approach to voting power is most secure?
  • How should we publicise the vote? Is the date of the vote important (e.g. does it need to be part of a Fund vote, to maximise engagement?)

Meeting timestamps

Viability of voting with Catalyst app 1:32
Representation, and how to define “a community” for voting purposes? 3:28
What are the requirements for a voting mechanism for Circle? 10:06
Video presentation from DripDropz on how their voting mechanism works 10:38
DripDropz is on-chain, fully trackable – but no privacy 12:15
One coin, one vote – are other options possible? 14:07
Snapshots, DIDs, and ways to determine who can vote and voting power 14:53
Increasing engagement 17:11
Should people be able to change their vote after voting? 18:41
DripDropz can definitely offer “one person, one vote”, but it won’t scale well 20:39
Whitelisting and/or wallet registration 22:30
DripDropz has an F9 proposal to open-source their voting app 24:25
Timelines; and would we get more participation with the Catalyst app? 26:14
How quickly could a DripDropz vote for Circle be implemented? 30:16
How would voting power be determined for a Circle vote? 32:21
How voting power was determined in DripDropz’ initial vote 33:42
Should voters be a select group, e.g. those with IdeaScale accounts? 37:10
Email privacy, GDPR 41:22
IdeaScale is not secure 42:27
For now , “one coin, one vote”, but quadratic voting could change that in future 43:24
Plural voting 45:16
Let’s take the simplest approach even if it upsets people 45:55
Announce a snapshot in advance, so people can accumulate ADA for it? 47:23
What’s the election for? Just Circle reps, or also vote on rewards for Circle members? 48:42
Anything can be gamed – so let’s just test it 50:05
Silent snapshot would prevent wallet gaming 51:06
Could require wallets to be staked, so they are not brand new 53:17
Practicalities of using a nameless token, and potential gaming the system 54:39
Why would we *not* use the Catalyst app? in view of privacy and risk of coercion 1:00:03
Using DripDropz is more decentralised, auditable, better UX 1:05:38
Community-built solutions advance self-governance 1:07:19
Thought the Catalyst app was not viable – but actually, it is 1:11:51
DripDropz can create the vote, but we cannot guarantee a good turnout 1:15:22
Thousands already us the Catalyst app, so participation will be high 1:20:27
Process for deciding on a voting mechanism? 1:21:48
Agree Catalyst app would be the best solution, but it wouldn’t be the most popular 1:24:53
Could there be a transition process from Catalyst app to DripDropz? 1:25:35
Let’s offer all the different methods and see which one people choose 1:28:59
Africa Town Hall and geographical representation1:32:51
Inviting people to nominate selves and define own communities and roles 1:40:10
Plans for F10 proposal voting 1:49:47
Does CCv3 end in September, or January? 1:56:19
Meeting ends 1:57:59


Verbatim transcript

CCv3 working meeting 28th July 2022 - QA-DAO verbatim transcript.doc