Onboarding session, 17th Feb 2022

Meeting recording

Onboarding session for the new CCv3, 17th Feb 2022


This is not a full, decision-making Circle meeting, but simply an introductory session for the new CCv3 members; so it has not been fully transcribed.

Present (in order of first speaking)

Nori Nishigaya (facilitator); Joey Chessher (representing Toolmakers and Maintainers); Harris Warren (IOG); Nadia Hopkins (Community Advisors); JP (secretary); Dimitri Fernando (General ADA holders); Emilia Sarfo (standing in for Mercy A, Funded Proposers); Bullish Dumpling (Cardano Foundation); Peter Wolcott (Circle Admin team); Rhys Morgan (Stakepool operators); Stephen Whitenstall (repesenting the CCv2 cohort) Felix Weber (representing CCv1 cohort)


0:00 Welcome
1:19 Sending a proxy to Circle meetings
3:43 Introductions
13:51 Experience and advice from previous Circle members
18:42 Official start and end date of CCv3
21:18 Does Circle have decision-making powers?
27:58 Pay for Circle members and sub-circles
30:01 Circle Treasury team, mentorship, and Circle funded proposals :
33:17 Training for Circle in using open source tools
36:52 Funding of Circle; fair pay
42:05 Collaboration between Circle reps
44:14 Introducing the Prioritised Problems Board
Presentation on the Prioritised Problems board
57:35 After Town Halls and problem-sensing
1:04:15 Circle meeting structure and agendas
1:10:06 Circle slides at Town Hall
1:14:43 Date and time of Circle meetings
1:21:43 Mentoring with your counterpart from CCv2 and CCv1
1:25:12 Catalyst Circle website https://www.catalystcircle.io/
1:27:42 The Catalyst Circle Funding Mechanism, an additional treasury for community engagement for each seat on Circle https://cardano.ideascale.com/c/idea/384249
1:29:26 Planning future funding proposals
1:33:20 Managing problem-sensing and building your network
1:39:18 The role of Circle in the overall ecosystem
1:42:14 Representing Cardano Foundation
1:44:27 Planning slides for Town Hall next Wednesday
1:46:36 Check-out; how everyone is feeling
1:57:02 Meeting ends