Proposer issues raised via montly reporting form

For several months in 2022, IOG added an optional question to the proposers' monthly reporting form to ask "Is there anything you would like to raise to the Funded Proposers or Toolmakers Circle reps?"

In September 2022, the Funded Proposers' Subcircle collated the replies, which you can read in the doc embedded below; and did some rough analysis of what proposers had said.

People raised several ideas around audit; and several people asked for particular information or support. But the most common thing that people wanted to do was publicise their work and make links with other proposers working in a similar field.

The Subcircle discussed this in our final 2 meetings in September/October 2022, and considered trying to use our Rapid Funding Treasury to create a tool or platform to address this (a searchable database with proposals tagged using a taxonomy that could include location of the project, type of project, issue being addressed by the proposal, type of output, proposer's name, etc - perhaps a development of this AIM tool

But we found that one of the main barriers was lack of access to the information in Ideascale. At that point, a solution did not seem practicable, unfortunately - but it remains something that would be very useful for proposers.

It could potentially also help with the issue of new proposers not being able to find out what has gone before, so that they risk reinventing the wheel.

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