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November and December 2021
Between November and December 2021 the Catalyst Coordinator Circle Representative trialed a Catalyst-Coordinator-Feedback process to capture proposer concerns as GitHub issues.
This was later documented on this GitBook as part of the Fund 7 Catalyst Coordinator Hub proposal.
In all 26 issues were captured from mainly from Coordinator Support insights with the rest from social media sources (mainly Catalyst Coordinator Telegram).
Use a separate Wallet for each separately funded Catalyst project.
Raised by Peter Van Garderen
Convert your Catalyst ADA to stablecoin/fiat as soon as you receive it if you need to pay project expenses in fiat.
Raised by Peter Van Garderen
Open sourcing / availability of Atala PRISM API / SDK - Maury Shenk
Possible paths to open investments to the project outside catalyst to be able to continue development
Contact with the IOG wallet lite UX team. - Niels Kijf
Detailed receipts of payouts, amounts, for which proposal to help with accounting. - Nori
Wada core costs covered so Wada can focus on supporting and mentoring new projects. It's tough doing our own projects and supporting others - WADA
Looking forward to have Cardano build a platform where investors can fund startups (ie. Seed or A round) with ADA. - Yong Yang See Tho

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