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F8 : Onboarding

A guide with actions, checklists, key dates and deadlines

Fund8 Challenge Teams Session Schedule


Welcome to Catalyst Funded Projects!

Now that voting has ended, your project will join hundreds of other Catalyst projects innovating and developing new solutions with help of Catalyst funding from Cardano Community.
Your project has three important phases as part of Catalyst:
  1. 1.
    Phase 1: Onboarding
  2. 2.
    Phase 2: Project Delivery
  3. 3.
    Phase 3: Project Completion
This document covers Phase 1: Onboarding.
Once you have completed onboarding more information will be provided to you about phases 2 & 3 in the weeks and months following.

Onboarding stage, what needs to be done now?

There are a number of important actions you need to carry out once you have received confirmation from IO that your proposal has successfully received funding.

Complete the onboarding form

Firstly you will need to complete the onboarding form by noon UTC on 16 May 2022. The onboarding form link will be shared with you by the end of day UTC on 13 May 2022. One form submission = one funded project.

Attend Catalyst Onboarding Meeting

Attend one of the Catalyst Celebration Onboarding Meetings on 17 May 2022 (not mandatory, both are same - different time slot). You will get the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any outstanding doubts.

A Challenge Team (CT) is assigned to you

To assist you as a Funded Project, a Challenge Team (CT) is assigned to you:
a) CT is made up of community members taking up the role of shepherding challenge categories.
b) Each challenge has its own specific CT and Catalyst team will introduce you to your Challenge Teams and send them your projects contact information via email by the end of the day on 16 May 2022.
c) How will the Challenge Team help you? At a meeting with CTs, you will need to confirm your Proof of Life in order for Catalyst to release your initial batch of funding. No Proof of Life = No Funding!
d) Your Challenge Team will contact you with a schedule of available meeting slots for your PoL meeting which will take place 18-24 May. You will be given multiple opportunities to meet with CT to confirm PoL.

Confirming Proof of Life

Your actions:
  • Confirm Proof of Life with your Challenge Team - without proof of life you will not be funded - by no later than 24 May 2022. A calendar with PoL schedules is published here. Meetings are scheduled in UTC timezone format. Confirm with your CT team for that to be truly the case. In case no meetings are scheduled - please contact [email protected] email to troubleshoot.
  • During the PoL meeting (scheduled by CT individually), each funded project lead (representative) must provide CT with the following information to confirm your Proof of Life with camera ON:
a) Your full name (spelled out as necessary) - This has to be either proposer or co-proposer as listed in Ideascale unless explicitly stated otherwise in the FP onboarding form. PoL is not for the entire team - one person is sufficient
b) Your project name & project ID# e.g. 800001 (not ideascale ID#) - Project ID# will be found in this document under Fund8 tab, Column B - post publishing F8 results. Your primary place of business (which city/country). This could be where the project is incorporated or its primary activities are based in. This does not have to be one location.
d) Your intended completion date. When will your project delivery finish based on the scope of funding
e) A video guide sample about how to do PoL can be found here.
  • If you cannot attend any of the Proof of Life group sessions it’s your responsibility to contact your CT and arrange a 1 to 1 meeting. They will have provided you with office hours slots where you can attend a main PoL meeting (office hours and contacts here).
  • If you have already confirmed a PoL in previous funds you don’t need to do it again - you are automatically confirmed.
Primary proposer as listed in Ideascale has to be the same for this to be true. CTs will be alerted to that fact.
  • If you are funded for multiple projects in Fund8
You only need to confirm PoL with one of the Challenge Teams assigned to you but you MUST inform the other Challenge Teams where your other projects are that you have confirmed PoL elsewhere.
  • All Proof of life meetings are recorded.
  • The deadline for delivering your Proof of Life is 24 May 2022 in order to be included in the first batch of funding. It is strongly recommended to attend any of the slots made available by CTs prior this deadline.
  • If you do not attend any available PoL meeting with your CT then the CT will inform us and we will be in direct contact with you to establish if there is an issue.

What else further down the line?

Monthly Reports

Once your project has started and Proof of Life has been accepted, you will need to report monthly (by the 24th of each month) on your project in order to receive your monthly payments using this monthly report form. Output of these reports is made publicly available - check here. Also, progress generally is published via this publicly shared spreadsheet.

Fund Release

The amount of funding your project receives will be based on the amount you have requested and your proposed end date. The final batch of funding is only released once your project has submitted a project close out report and video. Find more guidance here.

Privacy and Confidentiality

If you wish to remain completely confidential through your Catalyst process then please email [email protected] with your full details including your Ideascale link and the reason for requesting privacy. At this stage of Catalyst development, it is NOT guaranteed that your identity will remain anonymous.

Conflict of Interest

If you have any legitimate concerns regarding the CT you are working with please email [email protected] with full details of your concerns so the Catalyst team can review.

Challenge Team Checklist

Have you…
Submitted your onboarding form?
  • Been introduced to your Challenge Team? Make sure to check your spam folder of (co)proposer e-mails. If not please contact [email protected]
  • Raised any conflict of interest concerns to IO by emailing [email protected] with full details? (optional)
  • Confirmed with your Challenge Team which one of the Proof of Life meetings available (you will be offered 4-6 available slots) you will be attending? This is very important if you wish to be paid. These meetings are scheduled to take place 18-24 May 2022.
  • Provided your Challenge Team with the information they need via video to confirm your Proof of Life at a scheduled meeting by 24th May 2022?
  • Completed the Proof of Life process?
Was this confusing? Let’s MIRO the flow visually - follow this link here. Password: FUND8CTS