Quick Start - FAQ

New to the funded cohort ? Here are the essentials you need to know.


Once funded you will receive an email providing instructions and you will be required to attend an on-boarding meeting for "proof of life".

See the on-boarding section for further information


After you have completed a "proof of life" you will receive a test transaction to the ADA wallet you specified in your on-boarding form.

After you have confirmed your test transaction a portion of the funds granted in your proposal will be released.

See the Funds section for further information

Monthly Reporting

One report is required per proposal on the 24th of every month

Follow this link to the monthly reporting form.

See the Reporting section for further information

Coordinator (Funded Cohort) Meetings

Coordinator (Funded Cohort) Meetings are held every two weeks. The IOHK Team hosts and presents relevant announcements and information. Then Coordinators give "Stand up" updates on their proposals.

See the Meetings section for further information

List of Funded Proposals

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