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How you will receive funds

Test Transactions

When you have completed your onboarding form, and given a wallet address for your proposal, you will receive a test transaction of 1 ADA.
You will receive 1 ADA per wallet, not per proposal - so if you are using the same wallet for more than one proposal (which is not usually considered best practice, but still, some people do it), you will only receive 1 ADA for the wallet as a whole.
You will also get an email to say that the text transaction has been sent. You need to reply to this email to confirm that you have received it.

First Release of Funds

Your initial payment as a newly-funded proposal will be separate from the usual monthly payment date for existing funded proposals from previous Funds.
Check the Proposers and Catalyst Coordinator channels on Telegram for announcements.

Subsequent payments

After the initial payment, funds will be released monthly, on the 2nd Monday of the month. The exact time may vary - see Telegram and Discord for announcememts.
You will only receive a monthly payment if you have submitted a monthly report by the 24th of the previous month. The reporting form is here:
The exchange rate that funds are paid at is currently not able to be included in the transaction metadata. However, it is usually mentioned in the Telegram and Discord posts to announce it. We also have a reference list on the next page.