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DAOs Love Cardano

DAOs Love Cardano

Town Hall Slide Presentation

Challenge Team

Aharon Porath

Since 2011, I have been involved in tech and non-tech ventures to develop consensus-based decision-making methods and platforms for public participation goals. When I discovered DAOs a few years ago I was thrilled to see how the blockchain technology is been used for creating an infrastructure for new ways of human collaboration. Now that I know the challenges and the potential of DAOs, I wish to bring that knowledge and experience to the new "DAO Love Cardano" challenge team in order to promote the best proposals and create the most suitable process for fund 7 and beyond.

Diego Pamio

"What will you bring to the table to make the challenge successful?: I'm a software engineer and managing director with 25+ Years of software development experience since my first COTS product. I'm part of the extended core team at ALDEA (, the -yet incipient- first LATAM DAO with the purpose to bring a new economic and gobernance system to Latin America, hence my motivation to get DAO tooling ready on Cardano asap. ADA holder and project promoter since 2017. "

John Kochevar

Outside of the box thinking, creative communication, fascination with DAO structures as they relate to the common folk, focus on real world application

Luca Cosivi

As I mentioned I am an Aragon ambassador, thanks to that I have built an understanding on the necessity of DAO tools to enable people to easily create and run DAOs in the ecosystem. Aside from that I have experience in entrepreneurship and currently a research fellow focused on blockchain technology.

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