After Town Hall, 17th November 2021


6 members of Catalyst Circle were present. Community members dropped in and out, but in total total 6 were present.

Welcome and Intro

(0:11) Introductions to the members of Circle version 2

(13:11) Open up to questions


Question 1

(13:17) Is the three-month period that each Circle is in office too short?

Question 2

(17:00) What is Circle empowered to make decisions on?

Question 3

(23:01) Are changes to the Community Advisor process making it harder for people to get involved?

Question 4

(28:02) Will there be any forthcoming meetings to talk about SPO-related subjects?

(28:20) Answer : find details of meetings at

Question 5

(28:28) How will the Catalyst Circle's SPO representative be supporting SPO-related challenges?

Question 6

(32:19) Why do you think there is sometimes negativity towards Cardano from the wider crypto community?

Wrap up

(50:05) Wrapping up and goodbyes

(51:28) Final comment, Walter Dettling, session attendee: "Thanks for your openness and your thoughts! For me, it’s important to know that people like you are bringing Cardano in the right direction."

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